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 One Little Mom is PR friendly. I am open and interested in providing my readers with family friendly product and place reviews/giveaways!

If you are interested in discussing a review/giveaway on my blog please contact Arianah at

During a review I request that a specified product is sent by you to me free of charge to test and base my opinion on. During a review the product will be used and therefore will not be returned. Once I feel I have gathered enough information on the product I will then write a blog post sharing my honest opinion and experience with my readers. I ask that reviews are given 2-3 week trial period after I have received the product before a post is written to ensure that I am able to provide you and my readers with the best possible review. If you feel it is more beneficial to you to have it done faster please mention it in your initial email. *It is in no way mandatory but during a review you also have the option to provide my readers with a discount code for a future purchase of the reviewed product.*

A giveaway will also include the review found above. The giveaway will follow my review post of the featured product. The giveaway will offer my readers a chance to win the exact product I have reviewed. During a giveaway I ask that the product is shipped directly from the sponsor to the winner. I will notify the winner and collect any information needed for shipping and prize fulfillment. All shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the sponsor. I will test the product and write a review post with the giveaway featured at the end of the review within 2-3 weeks of receiving the product. All giveaways will last between 1-2 weeks after initial review. Because giveaways take longer than a basic review the entire process will be between 4-5 weeks.

* Featured pictures and links can be added to a review/giveaway per your request in addition to pictures I provide during the review time.

*Sponsored Post
A sponsored post is a non-personal review of a product or your website. No product will be sent for review. This includes text, links, and images as requested. Sponsored posts will be posted within one week of received payment. Contact me for Current Pricing!