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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Little Mom's Busy "Bucket List" for summer...

I love love love summer time! But this is our first year of "summer vacation" for my son. He has just graduated kindergarten and he is a Busy Body! I have started to make a Busy "Bucket List" to keep him entertained until he returns to school in September. Feel free to snag some ideas for your own children or leave me a comment and add to my list :)

* Go on a picnic
* Have a movie night with friends
* Make homemade ice cream
* Go to the beach
* Visit our local feline compound
* Swim Swim Swim
* Invite friends over for a craft day
* Make homemade play-doh
* Have a water balloon fight
* Visit a local fire station
* Make a Lemonade stand ( I am really excited for this one)

That is what we have come up with so about you ?

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