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Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's a Mom to do ?

What do you do when your child/children make a mess that is beyond their capability to clean up?

Just earlier today Little Dude & Little Diva made a  big  gigantic mess. I am talking out of this world. I'm telling you they must have worked together like a pair of tornadoes because it only took them a short amount of time to demolish an entire room (for the record I was only doing dishes). Once I had finished and saw what had happened I knew it would be almost impossible for them to finish cleaning it by themselves. But I stuck to my guns and made them start working on it right away. After about 20 minutes the excuses and complaints started flowing...I'm tired, my arms hurt, I can't see what I'm doing, I'm hungry, I have to go potty. You get the picture. At this point I knew if I wanted it done and done right I was on my own. So I made them both sit in their rooms on a "time out" while I finished the job. As soon as I was finished I just felt like I didn't handle it the right way. Should I have made them clean it even if it took all night? Should I have had them work with me to clean it despite the tantrums and crying? I think there is a lesson to be learned here for the kids and mommy. What would you have done?


Lindsay said...

hi, new follower from the weekend blog hop.

i would've made my son clean up the whole mess by himself...or at least help me. my philosophy: you made the mess, you clean it up. but there have been a few times where he refused and i was the one who ended up cleaning it. *sigh*

Tricia said...

Hopping over from the blog hop. I can't stand it when my kids make those 2 1/2 yr old just doesn't get the concept of cleaning, so I feel like I end up doing all the work no matter how much I hold his hand while he does it. it's so tiring, sometimes, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. My kids need to clean up their messes.

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