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Friday, December 9, 2011

Seriously...Are you sure? #Christmas

Can you believe Christmas will be here in 16 days?!? I can not believe how fast the Holidays have crept up on me this year! I could have sworn it was 80 degrees and sunny outside just a few weeks ago. Thankfully I am semi prepared this year. I have managed to get all of my shopping done-well except for my hubby, but he is totally hard to buy for(if you have any great gift ideas for hubbys share them with me). Ohhh I almost forgot I still need to shop for my fur babies! We are getting a new kitty today(I will share him with ya tomorrow). Okay, back to Christmas...are you prepared? Have you gotten your tree decorated? Christmas lights up(aww man...that reminds me ours aren't up). What about shopping, are ya done? I still have to wrap(dreading it)everything...but Little Dude and Little Diva are a bit too curious this year so in order to keep presents a secret I won't be putting our gifts under the tree until the week of Christmas! Well, I suppose that is all for now...until tomorrow!

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