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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012

Well well looks like I am a little bit late in wishing everyone a Happy New Year! 
How did you all celebrate? The Hubby and I stayed home with the kiddos-and shhhh don't tell anyone but I didn't even make it til midnight. With the new year comes lots and lots of organizing for me so you can bet I have been up to my ears in toys just trying to get the kids rooms back to normal after Christmas. Do you guys typically use the new year to purge the past years "stuff" and start fresh? What about resolutions? I usually make them just to jump on the bandwagon...but I know I will break them so I never really take them too seriously. This year however instead of making a few resolutions I know won't even stick around until spring, I am going to try and make small, manageable, goals that will help me throughout the entire year! I am still working on my list (you know I love to make lists!) so as they compile I will share them with you all! As for now my goals for 2012 are...

* Do 1 load of laundry everyday (laundry is my nemesis)
* Take more pictures
* Enjoy a family night once a week regardless of what else is in our schedules
* Become a better baker 
* Learn how to use my sewing machine
* Start a small garden
* Host more dinners/get together's with friends and family

That's all for now...
If you have a resolution or goal share them with us!

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