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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Again Candlesticks #DIY

There is something about a DIY project that I really adore...
Maybe it is the feeling of accomplishment after I finish...the idea of making something new again...or possibly just the fact that I enjoy getting my hands a little dirty every now & then!

This past week I have been keeping myself busy with small projects around the house (inside & out). Everything from furniture re-dos to yard work (I will share everything soon!) 

Today I wanted to share with everyone my candlesticks that were given new life thanks to a little bit of paint and some sandpaper!

When I purchased these they were brown-just plain wood. Nothing fancy. I decided (probably out of boredom) that they needed a little face lift. So, I bought a can of black spray paint and some fine grit sandpaper. First, I painted the candlesticks black (outside of course). I waited a full 24 hours just to be sure they were completely dry...then I started rubbing them down with the sand paper. I had no idea what I was doing....and no real plan! Hehehe. I just rubbed and rubbed until my hands were covered in black dust from the paint. Then I washed up and wiped them down- and Voila! Now I have a new again set of candlesticks. They turned out really rustic looking and I LOVE them! Tell me- what do you think?

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