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Friday, June 22, 2012

Hey Hey it's my Birthday!

Well, it was actually yesterday! It was my first of many 29th birthdays! Haha! 
I had a nice quiet day and night at home with the Hubby & was just perfect
Anyone else celebrate a birthday yesterday? Or how about have a birthday coming up? I can honestly say that I don't feel a day over...let's say 25! When I was "younger" like around 16-18 I really thought that 30 was old (sorry mom) and I just assumed that I would feel like an old hag lady when I was in my late 20's pushing close to 30....but truth be told I feel great! I feel content with myself and my life....I am happy and peaceful! 

Have you ever thought you would feel a certain way by a certain age in your life...share with us!

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