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Friday, September 21, 2012

If you give a Mom a trash bag...

If you give a Mom a trash bag...
she might just throw away all of the stuff you left on your floor!

I had a mild freak out yesterday, well it was mild in the craziest possible way ;)
For at least 2 weeks straight I had been telling Little Dude that it was about time he put a little effort into cleaning his room. Of course he responded as any 7 year old would...whining, crying, and even hiding! It got to the point where I found myself begging and pleading with him. So crazy! There was warnings and even some bribery involved. But, to no avail. He didn't budge. I asked myself what would any "normal" mom do? Maybe sit down and try talking it out (for the millionth time) or how about just giving in and cleaning everything up for him (well, in a way I kinda did)? 

Not this Mom, not today! No way! I waited until he was at school and I pulled out my trusty trash bag! Every little thing left behind went inside. There was some lego bits, a few army guys with missing heads or arms, a smashed fireman's hat, and lots of paper he had written all over and thrown all over the place! 

Please note: No toys in good condition were harmed during this freak out!

I always make sure to donate what I can when I can, but in this case everything was so stepped on and blah that I just tossed it out. 

If you're wondering what Little Dude though of his trash bag induced room makeover...he LOVED it. The little rascal didn't even realize anything was missing...go figure!

Oh, and let me state for the record that while getting crazy with the trash bag I came across a pencil shaving collection that could rival the best of 'em! What's the weirdest thing you have ever come across while cleaning your kids rooms?

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