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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snacking gone wrong!

I enjoy snacking just as much as the next guy and I admit that when I see a little stand while shopping that I will usually grab a little something to nibble on as I walk around. Well, the last time we were spending too much money at one of my fave places- (not the one that rhymes with Shmarget it's the one that rhymes with Shmostco ;) Little Diva asked to have a sample of some cheese and a little cracker. I said sure why not...seems healthy enough, right? Ugh...major mom fail! For the record Little Diva has never ever had any sort of reaction or allergy from any type of food or drink. On with the story...she ate the sample and loved it. We got home about an hour later and I noticed a weird rash on the side of her face that looked like teeny tiny little welts. I instantly started going down the list of things she could have gotten into or put on her skin. Nothing. By now he rash had spread to her neck and arm and I was getting scared! I was racking my brain and finally she said "Mom all I did today was go to the store with you!" *Light Bulb* the cheese

Now now now..before anyone gives me the worst mom of the year award keep in mind we were told to keep her away from any soft cheese in the future as it was indeed a food allergy related rash. 

So scary.
I hope you can learn from my major mistake.
Be careful when snacking.

Have you ever had an allergic reaction scare with your kiddo?

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