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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 tips for making life easier & more efficient while on the go...

I am a mommy of two young and very active kiddos! We leave a typical busy on-the-go lifestyle full of daily errands, sports, play dates, and so much more! It is so important to keep it simple so you can be more efficient while on the run! Here are my top 10 tips...

*If you are going on a road trip pack your car the night before! This saves so much time and you are less likely to forget something because you aren't doing it last minute.

*I like to make daily "snack packs". I stick things like crackers, string cheese, and fruit into baggies and store them in the refrigerator for quick access. They are perfect for car rides or long waits at appointments.

*Keep a planner. Whether it's kept on paper or on your cell phone it is great to have as a daily reference. It is much better than forgetting it's your day to bring snack to soccer ( I have done this)!

*Keep a bag of extras in the car. I can't even count how many times I have had to run home to change clothes because I have had something spilled on myself or one of the kids in the car.

*Try and plan errands at times when stores are less busy. Early morning or late night shopping trips will save you time while browsing and at the checkout counter.

*Plan trips around town in order of where they are located. Nothing is worse than driving back and forth all day across town. This will save you gas too!

*Give your self a time limit while shopping. I try and limit my self to an hour while grocery shopping. It helps me stick to my list which also cuts down on impulse buys. Trust me your wallet will be happy!

*Keep games and books in the car and in your purse. All trips big and small are easier when the kids are entertained and happy. 

*Lay out clothes and shoes the night before. When you know you have a busy day ahead of you it's a great idea to know what everyone is wearing and where it's at. I have lost countless hours looking for missing shoes and jackets when I am supposed to be walking out the door.

*Take a few minutes for yourself to re-energize and gather your barrings. Taking just 10 minutes for a "mommy time out" is life changing. I'd love to grab a can of Seattle's Best iced latte and put my feet up. Sounds heavenly!

If you have any more great tips I would love to hear them...please feel free to comment!

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