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Friday, July 1, 2011

Creative Kiddos !

Today it is hot and I mean HOT outside. But because Little Dude has a minor sunburn we were stuck inside and not able to enjoy the pool. The kiddos were left using their *gasp* imaginations! They spent the day playing with balloons and then decided that our two doggies needed some new clothes. So I let them search through a stack of old winter clothes and pick out their fabric. Then they got out their notebooks and markers and drew up a sketch. After they had a sketch they started cutting into the old clothes until they had their masterpieces! Then came the BIG task of getting the clothes onto the dogs which was not so easy but how could I say no to my little designers. Of course the doggies only kept the clothes on for about 30 seconds but the kiddos had such a great time creating them :) Feel free to share any creative ways your kiddos keep themselves busy!

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Lisa said...

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