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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Going Back To School In Style!

The new school year is approaching us quickly. My kiddos will start a new school year this September. Little Dude will be starting the fist grade this year and Little Diva will be starting preschool. It has been such a wild ride watching them as they grow into their own individual styles. 

Little Dude has always been the more reserved, laid back type, much like his daddy. He has always preferred to wear clothes that cater to comfort more than a certain style, color, or character. This is one factor that makes shopping for back to school clothes less ideal and more of an ordeal. On top of his ever so set in his way comfortable style, he now has a "set of rules" that he would like for us to follow while back to school shopping. 

1. No flip flops (Little Dude does not want anyone to see his toenails)
2. No laces in shoes. (Little Dude has not yet mastered shoe lace tying)
3. All shorts and pants MUST have an adjustable waist. (Little Dude is tiny and not fond of belts)
4. No tanks tops (not sure why?)
5. Shirts Can NOT have any characters on them (he says first graders don't wear things like that)

So as you can see he is very simple, and casual, but most definitely has his own personal style. Wish me luck while shopping!

Little Diva on the other hand is my little firecracker. She is super girly, and totally into fashion. Did I mention she's only 4? She always wants to be dressed to the nines. She loves her tutu's, lace leggings, and over the top huge hair bows! There have been many times where we have been running errands, shopping, or out to dinner and Little Diva has on a dress, tutu, crown, and a boa! Yes, a HUGE pink feather boa. I am past the point of being embarrassed that I am "that mom" who "let's her child out of the house that way". I know the girl has style and isn't afraid to show it...even if she is only four. 

I think I can safely say that both my kiddos have their own sense of style that 100% reflects their personalities. Although back to school shopping can sometimes be more of a pain than it is a pleasure, I am looking forward to seeing what my kids pick out, and if they stick with what they know or if they take a walk on the wild side, and choose something outside of their comfort zone. I am crossing my fingers that regardless of what they choose to buy for the upcoming school year they are happy and feel like they are expressing who they are! 

Do you let your child/children pick what they wear? To what extent? Go ahead and leave me a comment...

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Brittany said...

HaHa this is so funny!!! I'm sure you are going to just have a fabulous shopping adventure. Miss. Diva sounds like a doll. If I could wear a pink boa out in public I totally would haha!
Good Luck

OneLittleMom said...

Awww,thanks Brittany. Miss Diva might let you borrow it? Hehe.