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Thursday, July 28, 2011

OneLittleMom's {Wish}List Of Total Awesomeness

In my house it is no secret that I love love love shopping, trying new things, and making sure everyone knows how much I love them! My hubby often refers to me as "a walking, talking commercial". You see, this is because when I get my little heart obsessed set on something I MUST HAVE IT and I will nag talk my hubbys ear off about how fantastic it is and list every reason why I/he/we/kids/pets/house needs these things. He thinks I am relentless...I prefer determined! I can't help my self...I love what I love! Today I have decided to give the hubbys ears a much needed I am going to share all my new must have favorite things with you. Ready or not, here I go!
*warning this post may provoke serious shopping and is not for the faint of heart *

For Mom-
*Clarisonic {I am 100% obsessed. Even Little Diva knows what they are now. Must have.}
*Philosophy {I am a total Pure Grace Girl.}
*Orbit Baby G2 Stroller w/ Sidekick {I walk Little Dude to school everyday. Wouldn't it be awesome to see me strollin' with this bad boy...I would be the coolest mom in 1st grade!}
*Ugg Australia Womens Greenfield boots in espresso {They are drool worthy. Trust me. Besides, I already have so much to go with's a match made in boot heaven}
*Dogeared {I love the Best Mom reminder necklace. Self explanatory. Hehe.}

For Dad-
*New Balance Minums Road Running Shoes {Perfect for my hubby who loves to run}
*Otterbox {Lovin' the impact case for the iphone4. Hubby needs all the protection he can get.}
*EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp. {football + excercise = love}
*ihome ip46 Rechargable Portable Stereo System {Hubby always has his ear phones in...this way he could share the music love}

For the Kids-
*Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart {They have superior quality products & Little Diva loves to shop. Wonder where she got that from?}
*Alex Toys Tumbling Mat {Kiddos love to flip & flop all day. But they don't like when they hit their heads on the hard floor.}
*Bounce Houses Now Little Bopper Inflatable Bouncer {It's awesome. That's all. It is also an excuse for me to act like I'm 5!}
*Kidz Bop 20 { Little Diva loves music, singing, and performing! She asked for a stage for Christmas...get my drift?}
*Balance Bike Trainer Zoomer Bikes in Pink & Green {Perfect because both kiddos refuse to ride their bikes out of fear of falling}

For The House-
*KitchenAid 4.5 Qt. ultra power stand mixer in Green Apple {This literally gives me butterflies when I think about standing in my kitchen baking and having this little gem by my side. Not to mention how good it will look on my counter. I'm jealous of myself just thinking about it!}
*For All Time Clocks "You Name It" clock {Beautifully custom made & screaming my name!}
*Delta Faucets Leland Single Handle Pull Down faucet in Brilliance Stainless { I have the saddest faucet. It leaks out of the side when I turn it on. I told the hubby it's because it's crying to be replaced!}
*Comfy Sacks 5 ft. Lounger in Micro Suede Chocolate {I day dream about curling up in it and reading a good book or cuddling with the kids on family movie night}

For The Pets-
*Dog Houses Now Porch Pups small doghouse {Imagine my two little Chihuahuas sun bathing on the porch while they share a dog biscuit. Ahhh, the life!}
*Thundershirt Anxiety Treatment xxs Pink Rugby {My poor little Chicky suffers from really bad anxiety and separation issues. Makes me sad.}
*Kitty Mansions Maui {My sweet little kitty deserves the finer things in life. Not to mention something besides my sofa, curtains, and kids to scratch!}

Ladies & Gentlemen that is One Little Mom's HUGE {Wish}List of total Awesomeness!
What do you you keep a list like me? I'm a bit crazy...but it gives you something to read, right?

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