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Saturday, July 30, 2011

OneLittleMom's Daily Cleaning Calender...

 As I mentioned earlier today I really like to keep a clean house{as much as possible}so I am going to share with you my daily Cleaning Calender ! It really helps me remember what I need to do as well as what doesn't really need to get done that day so I can relax more & stress less. Remember I don't always get to everything on my list each week or even everyday...but I have a goal & it keeps me motivated! I will also list for you all of my favorite cleaning products & supplies.

  • Monday: I always do a walk through of the house and make sure everyone's "stuff " is in their own rooms. After the weekend and lots of play things get a bit out of order. Everyone's rooms get cleaned. 
  • Tuesday: I clean the bathrooms. I mean I really really scrub them down. Baths, showers, toilets, sinks.
  • Wednesday: I dust the entire house and mop the floors.
  • Thursday: I give the kitchen a good scrubbing. Stove, microwave, refrigerator. 
  • Friday: Laundry. Enough said.
  • Saturday: I usually spend Saturday catching up on anything I didn't have time to get done during the week.
  • Sunday: Relax
There are also things that I do daily. These things are: Dishes, vacuum, wipe down counters {kitchen & bathrooms}, sweep the kitchen floor, and pick up small messes here and there. There you have it.

My favorite cleaning products are:
Pinesol Sparkling Wave { I love that I can make up my own spray bottles. Great way to reduce trash }
Windex w/ vinegar { Always streak free & great on stainless steel }
Scott's Liquid Gold {I love how this smells. It leaves all my wood furniture beautiful }
Shark Steam Mop { I can disinfect the floors without chemicals. }
Febreze { I love Hawaiian Aloha & Thai Dragon Fruit }

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