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Friday, August 12, 2011

Afraid of the dark...Mommy edition!

This is probably not something I want to admit...but I am totally afraid of the dark! I know it sounds a little silly! I mean come on, I am after all an "adult". I dread the nights when Little Dude or Little Diva ask for a glass of water. That means I must get up(which I don't mind), walk into the dark kitchen(eeeeek!), get the water, and run back! Yes, I said run! For some reason I get so freaked out walking out of a dark room that I must run as fast as I possibly can. It is like someone lit a match under my you know what! I'm sure it is a sight to see! I can just imagine what I must look like. Do you have any fears...logical or not? Please share them with me and make me feel better about being a big ol' chicken!

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