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Monday, August 8, 2011

One Little Mom's "Top 10 healthy tips to get your kids ready for back-to-school."

It is the time of year that most kids do not look forward to, yes I am talking about Back-To-School! After being away from school for such a long amount of time most kiddos need a little help getting back into the swing of things. Here are One Little Mom's Top 10 Healthy Tips To Get Your Kids Ready For Back-To-School...

*1. Help them to re-establish an earlier bedtime. During the summer most kids are allowed to stay up past their normal bedtime. This usually tends to throw them off schedule. Starting a few weeks before they return to school try and have them start their bedtime routine 30 minutes earlier.

*2. If it is your child's first year in school it is a good idea to take them on a tour of the school before hand. Just to get them familiar with their surroundings. Even walking around the outside of the school and pointing out different parts of the school will help them feel more secure when they arrive. This will help with any anxiety they have. My son suffered from anxiety entering his kindergarten year. Poor guy had horrible stomach aches from it. Anxiety often does have a physical effect even on the little ones.

*3. Make sure you go see your child's primary doctor for a check up. Most schools require a check up and most of the time some type of vaccination before starting school.

*4. Take your child to get their eyes examined. My son was suffering from headaches last year during school. I felt horrible not having known for so long. We took him to get checked and he was having some issues with his eyesight. Nothing that required glasses (thank goodness) but it is better to be safe than sorry.

*5. Get together with friends or old classmates for a play date before the school year starts. This will help your child make a few close friends before he/she starts school. It will help them have a sense of security knowing they have a friend they can turn to. It is always great to keep the kids active during summer so they have enough energy to take on their new schedules.

*6. Talk to your child about healthy eating options. Lots of schools have vending machines that offer things like soda that I would personally not want my kids choosing while at school.

*7. Tell your child the importance of not sharing "everything" with their friends. I make sure my kids know they should never share a drink, chapstick, hats, or tissues. Sharing with your friends is nice...just don't let them share germs!

*8. Start waking your child up earlier. This is a hard one for me because during the summer my kids want to sleep in until 8 or 9 and I really want to let them (I could use the extra sleep myself ) but a couple of weeks before going back to school they should get used to waking up at an earlier time. This will also help them to fall asleep sooner. Set an alarm clock for them if you need to.

*9. Wash wash wash. Make sure your child is washing their hand before and after eating, and after being on the playground. Have them practice at home as well so it really sticks with them.

*10. Make sure your child eats breakfast. My son is not the biggest fan of breakfast but I make sure he at least has a piece of fruit before school. It is after all the most important meal of the day!

I can't wait to see what the new school year brings for my son. I am looking forward to watching him grow and being there for him along the way! Do you have any healthy tips for helping your child get ready for back-to-school? I would love for you to leave a comment and share them with me.

Wising you and your children a happy and healthy back-to-school experience...

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