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Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting Organized in 2012

By now everyone should know how much I enjoy making little lists here and there to remind myself of what I need to get accomplished for the day, week, or month! The problem with all my lists is that my Mommy Brain constantly misplaces half of the time they really do me no good at all! 

This year I am going to try something new...I am going to start using my brand spankin' new BusyBodyBook! It is not only adorable but I think it will be extremely efficient in helping me to keep everything organized in one place! 

What I absolutely LOVE about this organizer and what I think sets it apart from anything else I have used in the past is the Grid Format! I can easily coordinate my hectic schedule right along side of my hubby's and the kiddos-this way I can see everything side by side and I know I won't accidentally overlap anything.

There is even a spot to keep an entire years worth of memorable events...this is great from birthdays, anniversaries, etc...

The 'Month At A Glance' page is fantastic for the times that you need to plan something in can see two months side by side- leaving little room for planning error!

Each month is also broken down into weeks and this section has one of my favorite features-it is called 'To Doodles'. It is a designated section next to your weekly grid where you can add little reminders for yourself!

Each BusyBodyBook also comes with a Note section-which I plan on using to store passwords. As well as quite a few To-Do-List pages that have perforated edges that give you the option to tear them out on a seconds notice. I plan on using this section for a nice little 'Hunny Do List' or for exchanging contact information with other Mommies at Little Dude's school!

I am really looking forward to putting this organizer to good use! If you want to take a better look at one for yourself you can visit them at

Happy Organizing and List Making!

Disclosure: This not not a sponsored post or review. No compensation or product was received. All opinions are 100% my own!

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