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Friday, January 6, 2012

One of those days...with a twist!

So did anyone notice I was M.I.A yesterday? Well, I had one of those days- you know, the type of that makes you want to kick, scream, and pull your hair out! To top it off I brought it all on myself! GRRR. What happened you ask? My morning started out as a typical school day morning filled with showers, brushing teeth, making breakfast, and walking Little Dude to school. But when Little Diva and I made our way home I realized that I had left the house WITHOUT my house keys! Ahhhhhh! Yep, there we were standing out front with nothing but a garage door opener and a cell phone (thank goodness I had that)! After what seemed like a lifetime I was finally able to get through to my parents house to find out my Grandmother was there for the day...YAY, my horrible day took a turn for the best! After I explained what had happened-with my tail between my legs I might add, she came to our rescue! We ended up spending the entire day shopping and enjoying the company of my Grandmother! It was most definitely a bad day gone good! So if you ever find yourself locked out of your own house...just remember it could be a great day in disguise...if not just think of this story and have a good laugh at my expense!

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