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Monday, February 6, 2012

BOYS {review}

When most people think of costumes or dressing up, Halloween comes to mind! But, not at our house! My kids love dressing up so much that they would wear a costume every single day if I would let them get away with it! I believe that dress up and costume play is an extremely important part of imaginative play that helps my kiddos explore new people and places just by make believing they are someone or something else for a short period of time! 

Little Dude was recently able to review a boys costume from! He was beyond excited to be able to add something new to his small but very special stash of dress up costumes. He scoured the pages of the website looking for something that caught his eye (although I knew what he would  pick) and eventually picked out the Kids Jr. Swat Costume.

How awesome is this! Please note that the costume comes with the jumpsuit and the hat. The boots and glasses belong to Little Dude.


What Mommy thought:
What I absolutely loved and appreciated the most about this costume was the material and the durability of it. I have seen (and purchased) so many costumes that are so poorly made and are so thin that they are almost sheer. Well, not this one! It is thick...very thick to be exact, and it has heavy duty stitching that I know will hold up for the many washings it will go through-if I can ever get  Little Dude to take it off! Something else that also screamed "great quality" to me was the fact that all of the lettering you see on the jumpsuit and the hat are in fact embroidered on. 

What Little Dude thought:
Aside from feeling totally "cool" in the costume he picked, Little Dude said that his favorite things about it were that: 1. It was a jumpsuit and not two pieces. He said that "real Swat Teams" wear jumpsuits! 2. He loved all of the patches. He said that "people might think he is really a Swat Team guy if they see his patches". 3. He is obsessed with all of the zippers! He had them filled with all sorts of odds and ends the second he slipped into the costume! 

Both Little Dude and I were very happy with the Kids Jr. Swat Costume and would like to thank the awesome people from for providing us with the chance to review something!

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample product in order to conduct this review. No other form of compensation was received. All opinions are of course 100% my own and as always not influenced in any way.

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