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Monday, April 30, 2012

Facing Your Fears...

Okay, so I hope you guys have noticed that I have been away for a few days. Anyone wanna know what I have been doing? Hmmm, anyone? Well, as silly as it seem the honest to goodness truth is that I have been studying to take my drivers license exam. Yup, as most of you already knew- I am 28 and I never had a license to drive. It was my BIGGEST fear! Seriously, it consumed me with anxiety for all of my adult life. But- I have some amazing news to share with everyone...I PASSED my test! WooHoo! So, I am living proof that lots of 
practice, support, and self confidence can help you face your fears!

Is there or has there ever been anything in your lives that you feel has consumed you with anxiety or fear the way driving a car did mine? I can vouch for how real and incapacitating a phobia can be no matter how big, small, or ridiculous it may seem to other people! I would love to hear some stories if anyone is willing to share. I think it would be a great way to support each other and just to know we are not alone! 

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