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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving with the Plumber?

I sure hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Ours was quite memorable. We spent the majority of the day with the Plumber. Yup, I went and clogged up my stinkin' sink and it took most of the morning and early afternoon to fix. I was "that house" with the big ol' van sitting outside making a bunch of ruckus on Thanksgiving! 

Aside from the commotion of all the sink issues we had a pretty darn good day. I cooked my first turkey (and it was actually delish) and we ate 'til our tummies could eat no more..then we ate pie ;)

Of course I didn't  take any pictures, well because that's what a good blogger/mommy would do and I clearly am slacking in that department these days...

How was your Thanksgiving? Anything crazy happen at your house...please tell me I wasn't the only one?

Pretend there is a great picture of my Turkey right here ------> 

Isn't she a beauty ;)

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