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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm Backkk...

I have been gone for a while. I know I know. I'm a bad girl! 
I have been beyond busy and overwhelmed and because of this my blog suffered. But, have no fear...I am back! I can't wait to share our "Thanksgiving Break" with you all (yes my kids are home for 9 whopping days)! 

I am hoping to share some easy ways to keep the kiddos busy during the day as well as some yummy food over the next few days! P.S. this is the first year that I am attempting to make my very own turkey! I am actually really nervous about it, so if you all have ANY tips or things I should avoid leave me a comment! 

My plan for today is to head on over to our local library so the kiddos can return a few books and get a couple more to keep up on their reading while away from school. I am also planning on getting my Thanksgiving menu together so I can shop shop shop tomorrow. I procrastinate like that ;)

Ohhh, if you have a yummy side dish idea or a Thanksgiving fave share it with me. Pretty please with sugar on top...all I have is a green bean casserole. I am really slacking in the creative department lately! 

Happy to be back :)

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