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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back-To-School with Kleenex in hand *sniffle sniffle*

It is that time of the year again...


(You thought I was going to say it was time for Pumpkin Spice Lattes didn't you, silly!)

My house has been overflowing with pencils, backpacks, and of course little butterflies buzzing around in tummies!

With every new school year comes excitement, adventures, and of course the dreaded germs. All of you Mommies know how it works: 

Our kiddos go back to school. The weather slowly yet surely turns from summer to fall and BAM our kiddos have the sniffles. In my home it never fails. It's like clockwork. 

This year my children's classrooms are ready to face the sniffles with Kleenex. Not only will they be able to keep their hands and noses cleaner with Kleenex Sneeze Shield, but they will be able to earn Box Tops for their school! Yes, you heard me right...BOX TOPS! 

Kleenex Brand facial tissue is the only facial tissue that comes with the coveted Box Tops attached to select products. 

Around here Box Tops are like gold! We clip clip clip all year long!

As a champion for healthy schools and kids Kleenex will also be donating 250,000 e Box Tops to three winning schools who participated in the nationwide sweepstakes! Last spring Kleenex brand partnered with and will award these oh so lucky schools with the amazing prize which is equivalent to $25,000.

Can you imaging what that could do for your local school? 

So the next time you want to send your kiddos to school armed with the Kleenex Sneeze Shield or if you are looking for a great way to support your school make sure to check the packages for those Box Tops!

Disclosure: Information was provided to me in order to share with you. Kleenex donated tissue to my local school. No form of monetary compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are never influenced. 

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